I'm finally back!

Susan Busada

Just to catch you up:

When I was younger, I did ceramics. In 1996 I opened a paint your own pottery store, The Mud Factory, in Arlington, Va. I started stamping by introducing stamps for painting pottery. When the store closed in 2000, I kept stamping!!

Because of some personal "stuff" I took a break until 2014, when I went to an Art Day. It was a big leap for a lot of reasons, it was a two hour drive, I didn't know anyone there, and I had not done anything creative for a long time. At the end of the day, I was energized in a way I hadn't been in years - I felt amazing! After a period of personal setbacks, I finally felt happy. Happy in my soul. That happy.

Fast forward to today:

I quit my full-time job in June of 2016. I started working from home, and was so excited to think that I would be home with my paper and ink and stamps. I could make cards anytime I wanted! It would be amazing! And the ideas would come quickly and it would be amazing. 

What I forgot was that I was still running a business, even though I was at home. And business replaced creativity.



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